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MIRROR.CO.UK CELEBS Tracey Moberly Carl Barat reveals all about Pete Doherty reunion and his acting debut - watch the video here link 8 May 2009
Former Libertine and Dirty Pretty Thing Carl Barat has been talking exclusively to Mirror.co.uk about finally getting back together with Pete Doherty and making his acting debut in brilliant online comedy show Svengali. Carl said that Pete could also be starring in future episodes of the music biz mockumentary Svengali. Carl meanwhile is in episode three of the show, alongside the man who discovered Oasis Alan McGee, former Oasis bassist Bonehead and Goldie Lookin' Chains Maggot, as previously revealed exclusively here on Mirror.co.uk. The show is the brainchild of Shameless star Jonathan Owen, Irvine Welsh's writing partner Dean Cavanagh and Ashes To Ashes director Phil John and tells the tale of a clueless band manager Dixie, also played by Owen, who is trying and help his band - The Premature Congratulations - hit the big time. Carl, who studied acting at drama school before quitting to form The Libertines with Pete, said he had loved making his debut in Svengali. He told us: "I just like the idea of the project and the energy of it. It's just one of theose things, when your mates are buzzing about something, then you want in 'cos of the buzz! I'd already seen the first two episodes and they're just great. I don't think the industry has ever been covered like this before." He continued: "I just play myself really. It's basically a re-run of my average Friday night, being followed into the toilet and being asked about when I'm getting the Libertines back together, haha." Carl revealed that although he would never give up making music, he would love to make movies one day - like his acting heroes Sir Alex Guinness and Peter Sellars. He elaborated: "I'd love to film. I'd like to do something that's far from actuality, to play someone who's very different from who I am in real life." "Like Daniel Day Lewis, I would love to do that kind of method acting. I'd love to lose myself in a role for six months at a time. Do you know he made his own oil derrick in the back garden to get ready for his part in No Country For Old Men? I really would love to do something like that one day." For the time being though, Carl told us that he was busy finishing his solo album which he revealed was quite different from his previous output with his former bands The Dirty Pretty Things and The Libertines. He said: "It's a bit less frantic and edgy, it's more melodic, a bit more baroque. I'll hopefully get it out by the end of the year." Carl said his main impetus to get the album finished however was so that he could reunite with his old pal Pete. Carl said though they hadn't even met up to rehearse yet, he was hopeful of the outcome - and that Pete had finally managed to control his drug addiction. Carl continued: "If it all goes right, it'll come out. We haven't even got together yet. But you know, it's like one of those things with true friends that you haven't seen for sixth months, it's still the same when you meet up again. I did say from the start though it's on the proviso that things work out right, otherwise nothing will come out. I do hope the drugs won't get in the way, but I think we've both grown up now. He seems quite a bit better now. I do miss my old mate after all." Carl also hinted that The Dirty Pretty things would return one day too, despite splitting in December last year. He explained: "They're not actually dead and buried. I do love that band and I do love playing with those boys live. It would be silly not to something again one day. But I can't have 30 bands on the go all at the same time!" You can watch Carl along with Maggot, Bonehead and Alan McGee in episode three of Svengali by clicking on the two links - Part I and Part II - below: Svengali Pilot Episode Three