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Gap the Mind [ link ] Tracey Moberly Artist offend everyone can Club of The Foundry, a sister of Moscow "at home", giving way to a boutique hotel 13 February 2010
[google translation...] *"The Foundry - this is probably the largest and best known of London's" alternative "clubs. The huge rotunda of the first floor with steel letters adorns the center of an area Shoreditch, close to metro station Old Street. Inside - gay anarchist atmosphere, very familiar to those who remembers the cult places like Moscow, "Club im.Dzherri Rubin" or "edges" in the zenith of their glory. On the first floor - a bar with video installations of the old monitors and televisions and mini-scenes, which organize poetry readings (a few years ago could encounter, such as Pete Doherty). Below - assembly hall with a rotating floor, which rehearsed the group, put on concerts (among other things - the first speech /Libertines/ and /Hot Chip)/ and performances, and another on the floor below - gallery, where the exhibition. All of this can occur simultaneously - in the hall on the first floor minus such a beautiful sound insulation that even the most thunderously loud concert upstairs could not hear any sound. All events are free, go out and improvise to the microphone in a bar on the first floor can be anyone. Everyone, without exception, square centimeter of surface is covered with graffiti, stickers, and photographs. Tate Modern. As well as paintings and drawings, that the place somewhere in the Tate Modern. , . Wherever tkni, get into the history of modern British art. Here's *Banksy, * so *Gavin Turk* from the 'Young British Artists "(YBA), but if you look carefully, obscenity in Russian. It may well have to leave someone from the Trust *Moberly Tracy, curator and co-owner of the club, which always goes to the *Cannes festival* in Siberia. The Foundry 2000 . Or Herman Vinogradov, or even one of fifty artists and artists who participated in the exchange between the Moscow cultural center *DOM* and The Foundry in 2000. Too Much Spirit : On this action, entitled Too Much Spirit (a play on words - spirit and meaning "spirit", and "alcohol" - approx. Snob) said *Jonathan Moberly* husband Tracy and the second co-owner of the club: Nine years ago we organized a cultural exchange with a Moscow club called "House"Simply put, we just changed their clubs./We drove fifty artists from London to Moscow, and they - on the contrary./ First was the idea to do this at the same time - we sit on a bus here, they have themselves, and meet halfway in Berlin to exchange keys./ / , -, ./ /Then common sense suggested that in Berlin it's over a super-party, and the project participants simply taken aback in all directions./ The Foundry Therefore, we simply provided them with The Foundry for a week, is allowed to do whatever they come to mind.//And they, respectively, the same thing with the club held a "House"./ As Jonathan says, in Moscow, he went to the presentation of his publisher released *a book on Moscow architecture.* "The Irish Embassy hosted a reception in honor of the publication of my book. . At some point a woman came up to me and said that I looked like a man, which hardly comes often to receptions at embassies, and that I will enjoy the same institution. Institutions to provide CC "House" where Jonathan got to know him by the late curator, Nikolai Dmitriev, and a woman - member of the British Council. 1999 . Jonathan went to the "House" at the concert, which repealed - a group of exiled for the lack of registration, it was exactly between the explosions on the street Gur'yanova and Kashirskoye Highway in 1999. Word for word with Dmitriev - and the idea of joint festival (poslefestivalnoe interview with Nicholas can be read *here).* Here is handy and familiarity with the British Council. The most interesting thing that happened with virtually no effort on our part. British Council, which at that time was very active in Moscow, the idea very much./It worked for a woman I met at the embassy./Well, they were delighted with our idea./Although generally it is usually the British Council gives money to the British for propaganda abroad, so they initially agreed only sponsored the trip from London to Moscow, but we insisted that it must be exactly sharing in both directions./And there was an amazing thing - we just gave the budget and said "Do whatever you want./Here's how it all happened./ But the Nineties, a wonderful time, full of amazing adventures and bottomless budgets, has long been over. The Foundry. Ends and the history of The Foundry. The Guardian ** Park Plaza. In early February, The Guardian published *a note* that the on-site art center was built "Art-Hotel" Park Plaza. This is a very typical story for London: first in an abandoned, low-status area, which a decade ago was *Shoreditch,* there are squats, new clubs and galleries, the place is becoming fashionable. Taking advantage of the new status, go rush the developers, the prices are soaring - and creative young people, the one who revived the district can no longer afford to pay rent, and instead of punk squats grow expensive restaurants and hotels. " The Foundry, . "When we opened The Foundry, Shoreditch was the sedimentary area of London. Lived here so few people that on weekends pubs were closed - there is simply no one to sit. Beer was nowhere to drink! "- Recalls Jonathan. "But we have chosen the place precisely because around here in general there was no one - borrow any premises and called any price, still no other offers. -- , , . Now, Shoreditch - this seems the most tempting part of the city. (Hoxton) -- , . And there is literally a stone's throw is Hokston (Hoxton) - but not the one in the promotional booklets sold as a fashionable area of bars. -- . This Hokston - is one of the poorest areas in general throughout the UK. , ". He is so poor that the local council receives grants EU Cohesion. The only abnormal part in this rather ordinary stories predatory capitalism against independent artists - it is the role of developers bought the former owners (brothers Reuben, aluminum kings actively buy Russia's factories in the early 90's) area of six million pounds. , - The Foundry , . As Jonathan says, they are just something as far as they provide support for The Foundry to assist in finding a new place. , , , . However, such a center pivot, of course, unlikely to get. ", -- (Hackney), - . "The only thing they can offer us - these are the backwaters Hackney (Hackney), somewhere in the third zone. ". Few who wants to drag out so far. But from whom is not altogether a drop of assistance - so that the local council (council) Hackney district, that is, those who are supposed to be directly interested in supporting the cultural status of the area. It should after all be the opposite - evil developers to survive us, and protects the board!" Hotel, which the newspapers have already dubbed the "dustbin" for its distinctive cylindrical shape, is going to save one of the painted walls with drawings of Banksy. The Foundry. Closing The Foundry is scheduled for April, and if nothing changes, then the next couple months - the last chance to see one of the last fragments "OLDOVA" art scene in London. , , - . But so far the concerts, exhibitions and performances are held with the double intenstivnostyu, something like trying to breathe in before he died. " " * : Bonus track - a visual poem in honor of Baroness Thatcher sneeze once seen *this nice gentleman:*